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Ultra Audio, a site that focuses on the high-end of the hi-fi spectrum, has reviewed the Canton Vento Reference 5 DC speakers ($10,000/pair) and designated them a “Select Component.” Here’s an excerpt of what reviewer Albert Bellg had to say about these “delicious” German floorstanders: Few of the audio components that have come through my listening room have given me as much pleasure. There are many words to describe the 5 DC, but ultimately, it’s not
TONEAudio published another 145 pages of audiophile goodness today. In addition to music and lifestyle features, it includes a whole slew of equipment reviews and articles. Here are just some of the items covered: Manley Massive passive equalizer ($6,000) Lehmann Black Cube SE phono preamp ($1,050) Mystére ia21 integrated amp ($2,999) Stirling LS3/5a V2 speakers ($1,795/pair) Channel Islands VDA-2 DAC ($599) Nagra VPS phono stage ($5,995-7,490) Audio Research PH7 phono preamp ($5,995) TONEAudio publishes their
HIFICRITIC has been around for only a couple of years, but its publisher, Martin Colloms, has been at it for more than two decades. Having written hundreds of in-depth reviews for magazines such as Stereophile and Hi-Fi News, Martin’s knowledge of hi-fi gear is both deep and rich. To find out how all the components Martin reviewed compare to one another would involve a good deal of reading. Lucky for us, Martin created the Colloms
Online powerhouse Enjoy the released its “Best Of 2008 Blue Note Equipment Awards” today.  Winners were chosen from the 150 products the publication reviewed since September, 2007. A few winners include: VPI Aries 3 turntable ($7,700) McIntosh MS300 music server ($5,300) Benchmark DAC1 USB DAC ($1,295) Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 integrated amp ($7,500) Reference 3A Grand Veena speakers ($7,990/pair) The list also includes several “Budget Beaters”: Trends UD-10 USB DAC ($110) Glow Audio Amp One
The debate between audio subjectivists and audio objectivists has been raging for decades. Discussions on the subject of double blind testing (DBT), in particular, are often so nasty and fruitless that some audio forums have banned them altogether. Stereophile‘s John Atkinson has been beating this dead horse on the part of subjectivists for some time now. Here is an excerpt from his newly republished 1991 column, “Subjective Fact or Objective Fantasy?”: If you want to
Stereophile continues the admirable practice of posting selected older reviews to it’s online archive. This is useful because: A) older equipment is still being sold on the used market, and B) older reviews are just as valuable as new ones when taken in the context of the time in which they were originally written. In addition to posting older individual reviews, Stereophile is also stringing together older reviews of multiple versions of the same component.
CNET blogger Steve Guttenberg thinks TIME magazine may have been joking when it published its article on “Audiophilia” as a disease back in 1957. Here’s an excerpt from the original story: What distinguishes the psychopathological addict from the enthusiastic followers of this (or any other) hobby? Dr. Bowes answered: “His tendency to become preoccupied with, and dependent upon, the bizarre recorded sounds . . . combined with the urgency of the need and the final
Audio Asylum inmate Tone! has written a rather extensive review of the Power 150 power amp from Danish company, HOLFI. According to the reviewer, this is a solid state, Class AB, stereo, zero feedback, 150W power amp that retails for NZ$3,500 (approx. US$2,500). Here’s an excerpt: So my quest to replace my beloved single ended triode power amplifiers with a solid state cousin has drawn to a close. Our living-room now enjoys absolute system silence
StereoMojo‘s Russ Gates says this about the diminutive JohnBlue JB3 single-driver speaker ($350/pair): So what is the JB3 in a nutshell? It’s the full range driver speaker for the audiophile that hates full range drivers. I’ve heard back-loaded Fostek, Lowther, etc etc. I’ve built the ‘gimmie’ ratshack 40-1354 5.25 inch full range drivers in a tuned quarter wave. They all did some things very well, but nothing overall in spades. The JB3 shines in the